Attic Ceiling Insulation

Attic ceiling insulation is perfect for capturing all the available space of an attic and extend the usability of the home or business.

Compared to attic insulation, attic ceiling insulation requires a completely new approach using products which have higher R values and must be installed differently than conventional methods. Ceiling insulation in attic spaces provides the very last barrier before heated air escapes into the outside environment.

All air gaps need to be properly inspected, and then sealed to ensure a cohesive insulation system that will keep your utility bills down.

Providing attic ceiling insulation services to the greater Nanaimo, BC area. Our years of experience and focus on customer communication have resulted in us becoming well known throughout Nanaimo.

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Attic Ceiling Insulation

Attic ceiling insulation is a great choice for reclaiming your attic space to use for storage, bedroom office or whatever you desire.

When an attics ceiling is properly insulated the space now provides many more options, and depending on the type of material used the options can be extended. Many of the products on the market for ceiling insulation in attic’s are wools, styrofoam, or polyurethane options which differ in cost, effectiveness, durability, and method of installation. Our attic ceiling insulation specialists will be happy to visit your attic and give you a 100% free inspection and quote.

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Ceiling Attic Insulation

Depending on your vision for the use of the attic, ceiling attic installation cost will require a thorough inspection as to ensure that your project is feasible.

One of the benefits of hiring an attic ceiling insulation company is that they can provide you with options if you are a looking to change the space to add another room or create platforms to further increase the effectiveness of the insulation.

Cost Savings

Each year with inflating costs of living it is highly recommended that home owners take advantage of governmental incentives to help pay a portion of the cost for an upgrade to the home or business.

For example, ceiling attic insulation installation costs can be offset by using the BCHydro rebate endorsement. These insulation cost savings are designed for people like yourself who wish to buy new or upgrade old attic ceiling insulation as a way to reduce HVAC system energy consumption.

As a result your indoor air quality will increase as outside pollutants are prevented from entering the home or business and your environment is well climate controlled. Our ceiling attic insulation specialists will be happy to help you.

Quality Insulation

Building codes could specify a minimum amount of ceiling attic insulation. But installing an even greater amount of insulation might not be a good idea. Roof shingles may heat up and lose durability, further causing issues that impact your home or businesses. This is especially true if the ventilation is not done well. It’s critical to find a balance between the ventilation and insulation requirements, which is why hiring Insulation Nanaimo as your attic ceiling insulation contractor is essential.

Types of Insulation

The type of insulation for attic ceilings is generally restricted to wool, Styrofoam, or spray foam. Each of these have their benefits as a ceiling insulator. While you may consider one to be better than the other, it ultimately depends on the application for the space and other structural and environmental factors which will determine which is best for your project. Our attic ceiling insulation company has years of experience working with various home’s and buildings to help people make the best choice.

Our specialists have worked with all the leading products on the market, with each of them having their own pros and cons. Because we pride ourselves on our communication we will inform of our recommendations and provide any clarification you need so you can make an educated decision regarding your home or business. Call us today to come and take a look at your attic ceiling and determine what would be best for you!

Attic Ceiling Insulation
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