Attic Insulation Victoria BC

Attic insulation in Victoria BC is needed to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere all year round.  Whether you’re building a new home or thinking about insulating an existing one, it’s a great investment to dramatically save your heating and cooling bills.

Without attic insulation, even the most energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems would have to work harder.  Our attic insulation specialists are eager to help you with your needs.

We can conduct a free attic insulation evaluation and offer advice on how to insulate your house most effectively.  To find out more about our attic insulation services, contact us.

Attic Insulation Victoria BC

Providing attic insulation services to Victoria, BC and nearby areas. With our years of experience and focus on customer communication have resulted in us becoming well known for attic insulation in Victoria and the surrounding area.

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Attic Insulation

A house loses a lot of heat through the roof and attic.  Attic insulation in Victoria BC is a procedure that uses materials like glass or rock wool, polyurethane foam, or phenolic foam to create a thermally insulated protective inner lining.

In addition to cellulose, fiberglass, batt insulation, and loose-fill or blown-in insulation, we also offer a number of attic insulation types.  We’ll evaluate your space to see which works best.  We are experts in the fluctuating temperatures and can confidently examine your area because we are based in Victoria, British Columbia, and have mastered the attic insulation requirements on Vancouver Island.

Warm loft insulation is distinct from cold loft insulation, and a sloped roof necessitates different insulation procedures than a level roof.  A cool ceiling insulation is required at the joist level to prevent heat from leaking via vacant ceiling space.  A heated, insulated ceiling is formed between and below the ceiling joists.  Call us at any time to schedule an inspection, and one of our contractors will give you a quote for attic insulation.

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Attic Insulation Benefits

Your home’s energy bills will be reduced when your attic is properly insulated.  Attic insulation in Victoria BC produces a barrier that stops energy from leaving your home and entering the outside world.  It also protects your home from chilly exterior temperatures in the winter and summer.  This holds true for both the attic insulation in your garage and the attic insulation in your house.

Since the roof acts as the main entry and exit point for the majority of hot and cold air, attic insulation is crucial. In the summer, when the sun is shining directly on your home, much of the heat is transmitted to the attic and into the rest of the house, especially in the afternoon. We also provide general services for insulation Victoria!

Cost Savings

In the winter, a home without insulation may lose up to 84% of its heat via the attic.  Consider how much energy you would use to run your cooling and heating systems if there was no insulation.  By improving the insulation in your attic, we hope to help you save money.

According to the BCHydro, insulating your attic can cut your energy expenditures by a minimum of 10% on average.  Variations in temperature lead to higher expenditures and worsen HVAC system wear and tear.  Therefore taking advantage of rebates for attic insulation in Victoria BC is a must.

Attic insulation consequently considerably lessens the impact of weather fluctuations on your home. Attic insulation can also have an impact on indoor air quality.  Pollutants from the outdoors may enter your home if it is not properly insulated, eventually reducing the quality of the air.

Quality Insulation

Building codes for attic insulation in Victoria BC recommend specify a minimum amounts of insulation needed.  However, installing even better insulation in your attic might be beneficial.  Your shingles may heat up and lose durability if you use too much insulation.  This is especially true if the ventilation through your roof is subpar.

It’s critical to find a balance between the ventilation and insulation requirements. In order to maintain this balance, we also provide attic ventilation systems.  A second barrier to stop heat loss can be created via attic floor insulation.  Furthermore, insulation loses its effectiveness and durability with time.
Before this occurs, replace the attic insulation.

For a free attic assessment and assistance determining the calibre of your attic, contact our attic insulation installers.

Types of Insulation

Since practically all building codes and asphalt roof coating manufacturers require proper ventilation of a roof coating system, the type of insulation should be carefully chosen. Some can impact your roof’s lifespan, which will impact your attic insulation, and the roof shingle manufacturer’s warranty coverage.  It’s crucial to always make sure you comprehend the terms of your roof shingle warranty, particularly any limitations on insulation and airflow and how your attic insulation may effect them. You can analyse these factors with the aid of our attic insulation experts.

Many attic insulation materials, like polystyrene, function by merely having a high number of gas-filled pockets that prevent large-scale convection. For all types of thermal insulation, a decrease in the amount of air in the room will reduce the insulation’s overall heat conductivity. Our attic insulation business will assess your property and determine the best way to prevent unneeded heat loss in an effort to simplify your life.

We offer attic insulation in Victoria BC, and throughout the entirety of Vancouver Island. Call our insulation contractors for a free examination and a 100% free quote.

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