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Providing house insulation services to Duncan, BC and the surrounding communities.  Insulation in Duncan, BC needs to be done correctly as the cold season lasts almost 3 months while it’s hot lasts for almost 4 so being ready for the temperature change is important.

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We’ve been providing high quality insulation services for our Duncan, BC customers for many years. These customers sought us out as they know just how important a qualified insulation professional is when addressing issues promptly, effectively, and professionally. The great reputation we have in Duncan, British Columbia, is due to our focus on customer communication as without this people experience stress and uncertainty, which we do not want in our life, let alone our customers. Get a free quote today and discover why more and more people are choosing us as the best insulation Duncan!

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Here are some of the more requested services which our technicians fulfill daily. If you have any questions or custom specifications that you need fulfilled, we are well adept at providing solutions for them.

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Types of Insulation

Blown In Insulation: These teeny, clumpy insulation particles are blown into the correct location when insulation is applied using a hose that drives them through it. Due to the fact that both cellulose and fibreglass are excellent for attics, it is highly popular. Once it has been correctly installed to a precise depth and has a strong insulating R-value, the material offers great insulation properties for a long time to residents of Chemainus, British Columbia (which is tested by our professionals).
Batt Insulation: When you think about insulation, fibreglass insulation strips in faced batts or unfaced rolls spring to mind. Batts of facing fibreglass insulation are frequently utilised for both the wall and joist cavities in newly constructed homes. It is frequently essential to lay a “blanket” of unfaced fibreglass rolls on the real attic floor in order to boost attic insulation.
Spray Foam Insulation: Due to its intrinsic qualities, foam is currently the most flexible insulating material available for homes and businesses. When properly sprayed, spray foam has superior air sealing properties that help lock in a significantly higher R-value per inch than its rivals. Our great insulation service in Duncan is something you can count on!
Spray Foam Insulation

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