Loose Fill Insulation

Loose fill insulation is also known as blown in insulation, or simply loose fill and its investment pays itself off every year irregardless of how the weather has fared.

Suitable for insulating difficult-to-cover areas including sloped ceilings, mid-floors, open attics, floors, and walls. Adequate loose fill insulation may also help maintain trouble areas in your home or business. Our local insulation contractors are experienced professionals who specialize in loose fill insulation needs. We can provide you with a FREE attic inspection and 100% free quote today to help you determine your loose fill insulation cost

Providing loose fill insulation services to the greater Nanaimo, BC area. Our years of experience and focus on customer communication have resulted in us becoming well known throughout Nanaimo.

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Loose Fill Insulation

When using loose fill insulation more heat is retained inside your home during the winter and less heat escapes during the summer. The cost of heating or cooling your house at a temperature you find comfortable is reduced because to this heat resistance.

When HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard, furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC equipment can last longer. Contrarily, furnaces that operate continuously have to keep up with heat loss via your attic and are more susceptible to issues and impact their lifespan.

Loose fill can help your rooms maintain a more constant temperature from ceiling to floor by preventing conditioned air from escaping through the ceilings. The more contained the climate, the more cost savings you incur. Call us to discuss your needs; we offer a variety of insulation types including loose fill cellulose insulation and loose fill fiberglass insulation. A loose fill insulation contractor can come out and assess your space.

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Loose Fill Insulation Types

Loose Fill Cellulose Insulation: Texture similar to down feathers, it is thick, dense, and clumpy. Its shape is great as it can fit into small spaces like walls and can curve around obstacles in walls and attics like cables and ducts.

Loose Fill Fiberglass Insulation: Found mostly in attics of new construction builds and each fiber is a tiny strand of glass which locks together with others to create a tight insulated fit.

Loose Fill Mineral Wool Insulation: Slightly heavier than cellulose and similar in its appearance; its weight allows it to conform better to the area and it uses less material to achieve similar R values.

Vermiculite Loose Fill Insulation: Older insulation which has asbestos concerns. Its appearance resembles granular gold or silver “nuggets” which are fibrous. If your home contains vermiculite insulation, it is best to leave it undisturbed and call us to discuss your options. For your safety, dont store any belongings where the insulation exists and don’t disturn the material.

Quality Insulation

Customers who choose a loose fill insulation installation will be able to take advantage of our superior products which ensures the best possible thermal insulation performance as well as superior sound absorption qualities. Many other benefits are inherent to the products that we carefully select. Whether it be loose fill cellulose insulation or loose fill fiberglass insulation, we believe you will be satisfied with the results.

Due to its capacity to control ambient humidity, loose insulation simultaneously enables the formation of a more stable climate by properly insulating and drastically lowering thermal bridges in floors. The environments which the installation took place, if left undisturbed can easily retain their lifespan for many years making the lifetime insulation cost a relative consideration.Your loose fill attic insulation will be an investment into your home and comfort.


Loose Fill Insulation Near Me

If you’ve asked “Who does loose fill insulation near me?” we provide our loose fill insulation services to greater Nanaimo, BC and have expanded to include the whole Vancouver Island. As a company who takes pride in its insulation services we are one of the only loose fill insulation companies who offer truly competitive prices. Call your local loose-fill insulation experts for fast and affordable service.

By providing loose fill attic inspections, assessments and installations we make sure that all our customers are covered when the seasons show their worst, knowing that they can rest easy. As loose fill insulation specialists we have worked in some of the most poorly insulated homes and buildings on Vancouver Island so you can be sure to know that we’ve seen setups that are awful and have provided sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

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