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The most offensive smells that homes and businesses experience are caused by common molecular components including sulfur, ammonia, nitrogen, and fatty acids. Our odor removal service technicians are able to confidently provide:

  • Pet Odor Removal Services
  • Smoke Odor Removal Services
  • Bacterial Odor Removal Services
  • Allergen Odor Removal Services
  • And all Other Odor Removal Services

Bad scents in the air are significantly reduced, neutralized, or completely eradicated when our fragrance and odor removal technology are put to work. Using eco-friendly, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable products, our odor removal services will eliminate those troublesome odors in your space. Call our odor removal contractor

Odors start as intricate combinations of organic molecules like acids, amines, and thiols at the molecular level. Our cutting-edge odor removal technology attacks offensive scents at their source.

Providing odor removal services to the Vancouver Island as we’re based in Nanaimo, BC. Our years of experience and focus on customer communication are what separate us from the competition.

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Odor Removal

Even if you don’t know the source of the odor, we preform all bad odor removal services. The adaptability of our odor removal service could surprise you. We have the skills necessary to act in a wide range of spaces, including cars and buildings.

By doing this, we operate responsibly in the areas that are most frequently impacted by odor issues, such as lodging, sporting venues, dining establishments, and modes of public transportation, among others.

Ask us about your situation without holding back, and we will undoubtedly be able to provide you with a completely compelling response, as is appropriate for a business with our track record and breadth of services.

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Types of Odor Removal

Various types of odors plague certain homes and businesses to the extent that they require different approaches and treatments.
Smoke odor removal: One of the worst culprits requiring the more intense treatments due to how much of it has entered the atmosphere, impacting the surroundings around. We provide confident, long lasting smoke odor removal services. Call our smoke odor removal company today!
Mold odor removal: Generally not noticed until it has become a health risk, mold removal requires a specialized approach for successful removal.
Bacteria odor removal: Biological odors requires a blend of formulated enzymes and bacteria cultures which result in the odor being digested and therefore eliminated.
Marijuana odor removal: If you have marijuana odors lingering by someone smoking chronic all day long, the removal process will look very similar to cigarette smoke removal due to tars being present on surfaces. We have experience removing these types of bad odors.
Pet odor removal: Natural and non-toxic solutions are highly effective in removing these lingering smells. We confidently work to provide pet odor removal services that have lasting results. We care about your pets and use non-toxic products which are free of VOC’s. Call our Pet odor removal company today.
Perfume odor removal: Perfect for homes or businesses to immediately change teh experience of entering the area affected.
Allergens odor removal: Carpets and upholstery generally are hot spots, affecting allergy prone peoples.
Food odor removal: Commercial and residential solutions to make sure that your dining experience does not follow you from room to room.

Odor Removal Services

Our odor removal service handle every step of the process, starting at inspection, diagnosis, treatment and finally monitoring its upkeep. We provide solutions that are sustainable and kind to the environment.

Professional deodorizing treatment breaks down the molecules that generate odors, not only masks them; it really destroys them chemically. By immediately destroying the particle through its cell membrane, ozone destroys contaminating germs, assuring their non-recurrence.

Additionally, because it has no smell, it does not reference any specific scents after the conclusion of usage in addition to neutralizing all types of odors.
It should be mentioned that ozone has no negative side effects, respects the environment and goods, and ensures human well-being.

Odor Removal Near Me

“Is there any odor removal near me?” people often ask, with our odor removal service being provided as one of the top results due to our commitment in making sure that all of our customers homes and businesses receive high quality professional help.

While there is other competitors in the area, they simply lack the customer satisfaction issue as we are often called to remedy a situation that another company was not able to. Choose Insulation Nanaimo as your odor removal company as we provide odor removal contractors with years of experience to our customers who need odor removal.

Odor Removal Questions

We have collected some of the most popular questions that are asked regarding odor removal. Our odor removal specialists take the time to answer all questions when we receive calls or emails prior to conducting inspections. However in most cases an inspection is needed because more information about the source is needed to be assessed.

Can odors make people or pets sick?

Depending on the type of odor it may cause mild discomfort to progressively irritating the person or pet. For allergen based odors, it is highly recommended that odor removal occurs as it may be serious to that individual.

What places can produce odors?

Your home or business may be impacted by odors occurring in it or around it. If you can smell something outside the area, these odors can seep into the home and cause you to think it is inside.

These odors, if by a commercial or industrial area should be a cause of concern and further investigation and treatment can be recommended. If it relates to the general air quality consider making an air quality complaint.

What if I can't smell the odor?

If you’ve been alerted to the odor, it is best to investigate. After investigation and if determined to be toxic, acting quickly is the best measure for safety.

Non-toxic odors still can become larger problems depending on if intervention does not take place.

What products are best for odor removal?

Many of our products are not available in big box stores due to handling and storage safety.

All products which we use are tried, trusted and have been created specifically for trained odor removal specialists to ensure that each application is sufficient. While there is often times where treatments need to be monitored, these products are only applied again when recommended.

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